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My husband did a four year yoga teacher training in the Netherlands. The whole time they never did a sun salutation. He was surprised  when he came here and almost every class started with Sun Salutations.  Which leaves me wondering if sun salutations are a “cultural posture”. Do they do them in India? Are they a new development or were yogis doing sun salutations 1000 years ago? Personally I love sun salutations. It is the perfect yoga when there is little time and you want to target a lot of physical areas. If I am feeling out of sorts I do a sun salutation. If I am needed a break from sitting at the computer I do a sun salutation. If I want to do a little bit of yoga and just can’t think of anything.. I do a sun salutation. It is the perfect combination of movement coordinated with breath. It builds strength and stamina while still having a calming and meditative quality. Yup. Love’em. That is all I have to say today.