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I have heard from many other yoga teachers that their mom was one of their first students. Actually a teacher was joking the other day how nice it was to have people other than her mom in her class finally. My mom however lives in the Netherlands so there isn’t really much opportunity to teach her a yoga class. But she is here right now.. and she came to my yoga class. It was fun and felt more natural than I thought it would. It is sort of odd “teaching” my mom though. There are so many extra relationship dynamics added in. I was sure my mom wouldn’t listen to me. She has a tendency to push her body a little hard sometimes. I know this about her. I have seen her push herself many times until she is hobbling afterwards. She did really well though and was more cautious than I thought she would be. She listened. She respected her body. She was a great student. She said my class was good too.. but well, she is my mom.. so I have no idea what the class was really like. She says she would tell me if it was terrible but I am not  so sure. Moms are almost always biased when it comes to their kids right?