Children catch everything. Especially young children. My house has been a bit of a virus farm this spring. I swear the kids are just passing illnesses back and forth. I have been doing pretty well and haven’t been sick much considering how exposed I have been to every illness under the sun recently. I was feeling a bit run down though and thought I was fighting off a cold. I figured sleep would be the best way to win the battle.  I had a good nights sleep and woke up feeling refreshed however, in the morning, when I looked in the mirror my face was all glowing and red. I looked like I had a sunburn despite having spent no time in the sun. People starting asking if I was pregnant. Ahhhhhhhhh!!! I went to the doctor and apparently I’ve been ill with slapped cheek disease (fifth’s disease). I didn’t even know I had it… the red cheeks come at the end of the illness once you are no longer contagious. So unbeknownst to me I have been teaching, working, shopping and in general spreading my germs around the city without being aware I was even passing anything on.  I just thought I was tired. Oh and the fun side effect of this disease? Temporary arthritis. No wonder I have been stiff, sore and achey. I just thought it was from slacking on my yoga practice. These past few months really have been a bit of a crash landing into my new career as a yoga teacher.