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I always plan my classes.. I actually write down everything. The asanas we are going to do. The theme of the class. The things I want to say. I have a yoga book that is full of mad  scribbles, diagrams, sequences. I like it but I am noticing that having a book kind of gets in the way sometimes. During a class when I “look” over at the book it feels a bit jarring. I am less present in the room. I think it’s time to ditch the script and just trust that things will come to me. I will still need to plan a class beforehand, and maybe even write some stuff down in case I get a little lost. However I think the epic novel type class planning I have been doing is perhaps unnecessary. At first it felt like I really needed it but now I think it is just adding an extra layer between me and the students. A couple sentences, a general mood or theme.. a basic outline. I am going to work on a few classes planned in this way and see how it feels.