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I am really enjoying teaching Yin Yoga. At first I thought it was because the pace was slow so I had lots of time to think about what to say. What I am realizing now however is that I love teaching Yin because I get to tell myself over and over what I need to hear. Slow down, focus on the breath, come into the present moment… be still, quiet…  See how it feels to just “stay”.

Yin Yoga is kind of like giving yourself a holiday from yourself. Or at least from the chattering mind we carry along with ourselves most of the time. The beautiful thing about Yin Yoga is how the practice of becoming aware of the present moment starts to seep out into the rest of our lives after a while. During practice we are reminded again and again to be present. We face our sensations with bravery, staying with them rather than shifting or avoiding what is there. Once this feeling is recognized it starts to become apparent how often we aren’t present in the rest of our lives. We live in the past… worrying or fretting about what we did or said. Or we jump to the future.. wondering or worrying about what will happen. We are constantly escaping. Yin Yoga encourages us to be present. It is almost like being a child again (minus the “Omigod I feel like I am 80!” sensations we might get when coming out of Yin postures). I almost always get this deep sense of relief after doing Yin Yoga. I really hope this is something I can pass onto students.