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The anahata chakra is my favourite chakra. It is the middle chakra, connecting earthly parts of ourselves with heavenly parts. It represents love, compassion, forgiveness. It is ruled by air and corresponds to the lungs, heart, circulatory system and the arms. Last night I taught a heart chakra class in a beautiful place to a small group of people I love. I felt pretty confident teaching which was unusual since one of my fellow yoga teacher training peers was there. I am always insanely nervous teaching other teachers. I did get my left and rights mixed up a few times which caused some long pauses but other than that I think it went well. I loved the space and would like to start teaching there every Sunday. I need at least five regular students to make it affordable. I have around eight students that come to my Sunday classes but the attendance is really all over the map. It makes it hard to predict and plan. I am learning that this is the case for many teachers in Victoria. So far almost all of my students are people I know. There is a small handful that are “friends of friends”… but really I am pretty familiar with everyone I teach. In some ways is is nice but I notice that I am developing some “bad teaching habits” because I know the people I teach. I would like to have a class of strangers so that I don’t get lazy with the class orientation. I think I need to write reminders on my hand or something like that. “Tell them where the bathroom is”, “Tell them your name”, “Ask them if they have any health issues”… you know those important little details?