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Today was day one of my Trauma and Mental Health Yoga workshop and I am actually feeling a little stressed from it. The instructor works in an addictions/harm reduction center in Burnaby that services mostly clients from DTES. I feel a little raw after talking/hearing about trauma for four hours. I have suffered from trauma and PTSD in the past. I love many people who are still suffering through different addictions, mental illness and stress related disorders. Everything she talks about is familiar to me although much of the subject matter feels like some weird dream I had a long time ago. I lost many of my friends during my teen years and twenties… Myself and my close friends from that time were a little shell shocked from the whole experience. I often think I am over it and then nights like tonight hit me and I realize I still have a lot more processing to do. So far we haven’t actually learnt any “yoga” to deal with trauma. We have just been learning about trauma and the disorders it causes. It is kind of traumatic talking non-stop about trauma. I suspect tomorrow we will be doing more yoga and I will feel a little more grounded. Fingers crossed.