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Photo by thomaskellyphotos.com

For some silly reason I have this idea that as a teacher I should be more flexible than my students. It isn’t a competitive feeling. I guess I just wonder if the students are more flexible will I still be able to teach them anything??? In my head I know that everyone has their own unique gifts to offer. As I get more experience teaching I feel more confident with my own abilities. Flexibility is such a small part of the picture when it comes to yoga too. But the little voice inside my head comes up sometimes “Wow, they are really good, why am I teaching them?”.

Many of my students are more flexible than me….at least in some of the postures. I also tend to teach poses I am most comfortable with so they don’t get to see how insanely tight I am in some of the other asanas. I am a LOT less flexible than I was a few years ago. Family has swooped into the spot in my life that used to be dedicated to two hours of practice a day. Most days I am happy to have the family there even if it means “Pretzel Julia” gets put on hold for a while. So here I am… the stiff yoga teacher that has a really hard time finding more than 30 minutes a day for her own practice. It isn’t exactly how I pictured this story line going. I am learning a whole lot about myself through this process though.