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I am working towards ditching my yoga script. I still plan classes but my notes are less epic. I notice I sway from what I planned more often now using intuition to work with the class rather than a script. It feels really good to be moving in this direction. I feel more connected to the people in the room. The teaching that comes out of me feels more genuine. I am still shaping my style. I can feel that I lack polish and finesse sometimes and I notice that my teaching can be a bit all over the map. I am starting to narrow down what I have to offer though. If I could sum it up in point form it would be:

  • Notice the breath
  • Let the movements initiate from the core
  • Feel the grounding energy from the bottom half of the body
  • Feel the natural lifting energy that occurs with the upper half of the body
  • Expand, take up space
  • Be soft
  • Let the mind be quiet
  • Be present
  • Be curious and gentle with yourself
  • Let the body lead the practice not the mind

That about sums it up… I mean obviously I say more than that in a class.. but those are the parts of my teaching that feel precious to me. They are reminders that I continually tell  myself too.