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I have a day job. Yes it is true. I do not make a living teaching yoga. Actually at the moment teaching yoga has cost me $272.25. I track my expenses pretty closely. I have no illusions that I will be making big bucks teaching yoga. I was warned well in advance that this is rarely the case despite people shelling out the big bucks to learn yoga. I teach for the love of sharing this practice. I have made a promise to myself however that teaching yoga can’t “cost” me money. I need to at least break even. As you can see from the figure above I haven’t quite sorted that out yet. In time.. I am still pretty new to all of this.

So my day job is design, marketing and computer techie type stuff. Yesterday I was working away when my mind started to wander. I struggle with this a lot in my job. Sitting in front of a computer for hours is a bit mind numbing at times. It was sunny out. I wanted to play. I decided to take a half hour break to do some yoga. I went outside and did yoga on the stone patio in the back yard. It was warm and wonderful. I felt incredibly refreshed afterwards. Work became interesting again. I REALLY need to remember to take these kinds of breaks. It makes such a difference with productivity and general happiness in my job. I accomplish so much more when I remember take some time away from the screen.