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It looks like I will be teaching a chair yoga class once a week for an assisted housing complex. I hadn’t really considered teaching chair yoga until we did the sample chair yoga teaching piece in the Yoga for Trauma and Mental Health workshop I attended. To my surprise I really enjoyed it.

The only catch.. I was thinking of dyeing my hair… colours…many colours! I finally have a day job where this would be okay. I can wear pretty much whatever I want and spend a lot of my time working from home anyways. I have been feeling this weight lifting as I slowly leave a more corporate environment and transition into working for myself. Now I wonder if rainbow hair would really go over at a VIHA funded home that consists primarily of elderly people. This came up in my teacher training and we all agreed that we wouldn’t dress inappropriately. When we had the discussion though my impression was that we should be clean and not “falling out of our clothes”. I hadn’t really thought about hair colour.

I think I will wait a few weeks until any hair dye hits my head… I think I will hold off on those facial tatoos too. Sigh. The straight life…