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Oh hear we go.. I am bringing up the whole “Guru” thing. I would like to find a teacher. A “Blow your socks off! Wow! Omigod! You really have some amazing knowledge to share!” kind of teacher. I just haven’t found one yet. Nor do I really have any faith that I will ever find one. Don’t get me wrong. I have had many amazing yoga teachers who have inspired me greatly. I just haven’t found the “one“. I feel a bit like I am bouncing around from place to place spiritually sometimes. The closest I have ever felt to having a “Guru” was while I surfed. The feeling was that of my body and soul being filled with total joy at the beauty of it all… Just lovely. Actually train hopping kind of brought me that joy too. Essentially it was the feeling of freedom which I suspect is part of what this whole seeking enlightenment is all about.

So I suppose the “Guru” is within and we seek teachers who help us spark our own innate joy that already exists within us. It is so easy to conceptualize this in the mind but I don’t think the mind is the place where any of this self realization actually occurs. When I have talked to other teachers (whom I respect) about their “Guru” they always come up with the same thing. They say there was just a feeling of complete and utter trust and unconditional love. The just “knew” to the very core of their being that they had found their “Guru”.

Not me.. Nope. Still looking. I really think it is time to back to out into the surf.