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I was working on the crown chakra this week for a class I teach and in my research came across many things that made my brain hurt. None of the information was new but in the light of my looking for ideas to explain how the crown chakra really isn’t about the “individual self” anymore I was once again was blow away by the weirdness of the world and the illusion of the self.

Here are some of the things that came up in my research.

Human beings are made of:

At least I found out the universe is no longer thought to be a hologram (they think?). That idea was really hurting my brain.

What does any  of this have to do with yoga? Well, basically a core idea in yoga is that we are not what we think we are. We identify with the body and the ego but we are not these things. Outside of all of this “identification” is a seer, or something that is outside of the labeling our brain organizes our perceived reality into. Darlings, we are living in an illusion created by our heads. We are not our heads or this illusion. In my opinion one of the main messages in yoga is to teach us how to see outside of this illusory state. Yoga aims to show us who we really are.