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I am really struggling to find balance with the practical side of teaching yoga and spiritual side of teaching yoga. Yoga is a spiritual practice for me… but at the same time I am attempting to make it a business which feels oddly counter-intuitive. My background is in design and marketing so I keep finding myself pulling these ideas into promoting my yoga business. And promotion is good.. really it is… this is how people find out you exist. However self promotion can be hard and stressful especially when it comes to “selling” something that feels so “anti consumerism” as what I believe yoga should really be. I feel like throwing in the towel to be honest. I just want to teach what I believe yoga is about. I don’t want to think of ways to make it more marketable. I don’t want to sell any yoga gadgets or have sales and/or online promotions. I just want to sit in a room and share with some people the parts of yoga that have really inspired me. Does it really have to be this hard? Do I really have to wrap it up in such a glossy package?? I think I am just done with the marketing part of it, at least for now. It feels like yoga prostitution. (did I just really say that??). Is it just me that is finding this whole “yoga lifestyle now copyrighted and made in China” thing weird?

I have a feeling I am going to regret this post.