I  always take my hobbies and turn them into jobs. There isn’t really anything wrong with that. It certainly makes my working time more enjoyable but I notice that it also tends to  change my hobbies into work. My husband’s yoga teacher said “I have never worked a day in my life” when he referring to his life as a yoga teacher. How beautiful is that? Still my jewelry designing became my job and then it felt like work. Then my art became my job and  it felt like work. And in a way this is happening with yoga now too… The funny thing about teaching yoga is it feels like work “before” I teach. Once I am teaching it doesn’t feel like work at all. It is just the lead up that gets me a little stressed. Which makes me think I just need a change of perspective when it comes to the whole idea of teaching.

Actually I have been feeling a little like the perspective of “I have something to teach” gets in the way of any actual teaching. And really… I am pretty sure I learn way more from my students that I ever teach them. (Thank you students for teaching me so much about myself and yoga!). I suppose I am not really here to teach at all but to learn with my students. I am feeling incredibly humbled actually by all of this. Like a little wee kid that knows nothing.