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This isn’t really a yoga post… but in my own yoga practice and studies lately I have been looking at lot of how regular practice can alter brain neurology thus affecting moods and allowing new (hopefully healthy) patterns in our life to emerge. Another tool that can be utilized to “reprogram” ourselves are dream boards. Remember the book “The Secret”? Essentially it is this sort of thing. Think what you want, visualize it, and the chances of it coming true are far greater than if you didn’t. I do have issues with the book “The Secret” because I think it is written for a privileged culture and doesn’t take into account some of the harsh realities that people really have to face in this world. But despite this I do think that knowing what you want is a good step towards getting what you want. For me a visual record is a great way to remind myself of where it is I actually want to be stepping in life. So I have created a dream board.. mine is on Pinterest here “Julia’s Dreamboard“. Feel free to add me to your list if you are Pinterest already.. or invite me to yours.  It is still a work in progress but I am having fun with it as I go along.