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I psychologically beat myself up a lot because I don’t get around to doing as much yoga as I would like.. which is really quite silly actually. Life happens. I do yoga when I can. I have other commitments too and still need to find time in there for play and cuddles with my family. I think part of the judgment comes from the fact that I used to do an hour and a half of yoga everyday. Yes, well… I “used” to be a single mom with a kid who went to bed at 8pm every night and who slept in until 7:30am… Now I am a wife, mother of a teen, mother of a toddler, business woman, yoga teacher, designer.. and a host of other things too. Time is often limited. Yoga fits in where it can.

Part of my yoga practice now is about really learning to accept things as they are. I have been teaching a class that focuses on the Kosha’s. Kosha’s have been described to me as layers of being or existence that make up our subjective experience of being alive. There are five of these layers that correspond (loosely) to our physical, emotional, mental, wisdom, and bliss states of being. Beneath that is Atman, or our true self. These Koshic layers affect our perception of existence but in the end they do not affect or change what we truly are. They are illusory layers that often provide delightful distraction from us seeing our true selves.

With this in mind.. I am being a little easier on myself..  just being alive is enough. Just breathing, existing and being present for my life is a rich and full enough yoga practice. It isn’t how many sun salutations I do. It isn’t it how many yoga books I read or yoga workshops I attend. Fully experiencing the wonder of this quirky and delightful existence is enough.