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I finally got my book Take a Nap! Change your Life by Sara C. Mednick in the mail. Just in time seeing as the baby seems to be having some sleep regression issues this week. The book was recommended to me by Jennifer Piercy during a Yoga Nidra teacher training workshop I attended. It is a great book full of little gems about sleeping and how the average North American is completely sleep deprived. Culturally we have been accepting this as a step forward but it isn’t. The author talks a lot about the illusion we have that working longer hours means we are being more productive. She pulls out some impressive studies that say otherwise. In one study they found that staff who worked 10% overtime reduced their productivity by 3.5% compared to when they worked a regular work week. Overtime at work=Less results especially when it is a constant work situation. Her solution to this silent epidemic we suffer from? Get MORE SLEEP. I love her.

How does this relate to yoga? Well, yoga came into my life after I suffered from a stress related breakdown.During my recovery I started to take more time for myself. I relaxed. I meditated. I stepped away from this frantic notion that we need to work hard long hours or fill every moment with some sort of task. I allowed myself to become what I would have thought of in the past as lazy. I started to accomplish more. My personal relationships improved. My life felt fuller and more satisfying. By doing less.. I gained more. I am still reeling from this discovery. I had found happiness! Love came.. and then a baby came. Now I am recovering from having a baby who didn’t sleep for more than two hours in a row for almost two years. I have become a little obsessed with sleep and how to get more of it in a way that doesn’t lead to unemployment or extreme poverty. My start? Some well timed naps during the day when I can manage them. Apparently this book has some great scientific evidence about the most effective way to rest and the best times and amount of naps that will keep me feeling energetic during my waking hours. I’ll let you all know how it goes.