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Well I did it.. I put down the deposit. I am taking the Street Yoga Teacher Training in July. Financially it is a struggle for me to take this course (actually any additional training at this point causes some financial distress in my life) but I am really inspired by the work they do and think it will be worthwhile regardless. I have my own “street experience”.  I moved out of home at a very young age and spent many of my teen years living like a gypsy, travelling constantly, sleeping on the streets or in abandoned buildings. I lived in many different crazy houses filled to the brim with other odd folk like me. I squatted a cabin on a beach in what has now become a provincial park. These were some of the best times of my life, and some of the worst.

Throughout all of these experiences I became pretty disconnected with my body. I pushed it, pierced it, poisoned it, injured it… I thought I was being “tough” but in reality I was just being rough on myself both emotionally and physically. I thought I was finding solutions, turning my back away from the greed and trappings of society, and in truth I did learn a lot about myself and the world during this time…but I also became hardened and numb. I have gone through many periods since then of healing myself. Yoga has been part of the healing process for me, but not the whole story. Still, I WISH there had been street yoga offered when I was my mad rambling gypsy teen self. I did spend some time hanging out at a street oriented art studio in East Van (Brenda Carr Studio Society).. it was a touch point and life saver for me. Somewhere I could go to ground myself. Somewhere safe. I think if yoga had been introduced to me at that point in my life it could have been a tool that I used to find that safe grounded space within myself. I probably would have drank less. I probably would have kicked and hit less things. I think I would have been gentler with myself.

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