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I had sort of a blah practice today. I don’t really know why or what went wrong. I was into it when I started and then the whole thing sort of fell flat. Sort of like when you are served a delicious meal in a restaurant, and then half way through you find someone else’s hair in your food…the whole meal just becomes unappetizing. You push the plate away. Ya, that was my yoga today.

Sometimes yoga annoys me. Sometimes yoga teachers annoy me. Sometime my own yoga teaching annoys me.  With my bummer mood I decided I would look up “annoying yoga”. I don’t know why.. entertainment perhaps? Misery loves company? I found this link.. It totally cheered me up. I do some of these things when I teach too. Like stay on my mat too much and say “beautiful”. Yup. Yoga can be annoying sometimes.

Here some more fun annoying yoga links:

Thankfully the only constant in the universe is change, May tomorrow’s practice be better!