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I often incorporate restorative postures into my classes but I don’t often get a chance to teach a full restorative class. I have had an opportunity to sub a few ninety minute restorative classes the last few weeks which has been interesting. In many ways it is similar to Yin Yoga (which I teach often)  but in other ways it is quite different. The long held postures set a mood but energetically the purpose feels completely different. Yin seems to be more about riding an edge of sensation where restorative is more about rest. Both styles encourage gentle release but somehow it happens in a very different way. I notice after Yin Yoga students tend to more “spaced out”. For some reason this doesn’t seem to be the case after restorative yoga. I personally attract more to Yin Yoga, probably because I have more experience with the energetic feeling of it from my past experience with martial arts. I am enjoying teaching the restorative yoga but it is still a little new feeling and I find myself a bit at loss about what to say. Thankfully long periods of not saying anything are common in this type of yoga so I suspect my silence doesn’t seem too out of place.  I do feel a lack knowledge about this kind of yoga though. I would like to take a few more restorative classes myself.. and read the book Relax and Renew by Judtih Lasater.