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One of my strong teaching interests in yoga is  “Trauma Sensitive Yoga“. It is a huge part of where my passions lie with yoga. Yoga was fundamental in shifting my perspective on my life after I suffered from trauma. It helped me more than I can describe and is one of the key reasons I decided I wanted to teach yoga, not just be a student. I have been trying to get a class like this up and running in my city.

I met with a local organization that I believed could benefit from this sort of thing and we agreed to run a trial class through their wellness program. Both me and the person working at the organization started making calls, looking for a space to rent. We have been honest. We have said this is for a Hep C Support group, possibly to be opened up to other similar organizations in this city. So far only one person has returned our calls. This particular space has three very long and steep flights of stairs so it isn’t ideal for this clientele. Once again I feel like this part of my teaching interest is proving to be a challenge. I didn’t really think teaching this population would prove to be so difficult to organize.

What I find interesting is the lack of return calls to our request. Is it a coincidence? Are the places we are calling just really busy? Or does the thought of this sort of class being offered in their space make them uncomfortable? It is hard to know what is going on when the answer is just “no answer”. I am not sure what to make of it..

Oh well. Hey Universe! If you are listening! I need a space that doesn’t cost a fortune to rent. Tuesday’s 10:30 am – 11:30 am, 5-10 students, downtown Victoria a necessity. Nice group of people… space must be “stigma free” please.