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About once every six months I write on here about how much I love/hate Iyengar yoga.. and I do.. really. Today I will write a list of my latest impressions of this type of yoga that I can’t seem to get enough of.. despite not being sure if I actually like it or not.

Why I LOVE Iyengar Yoga

  • The amazingly detailed descriptions of how to get in and out of postures
  • Did I mention detail? I love the depth of their descriptions of alignment
  • No nonsense approach that is a relief from some of the fluffy “Love and Light” tones some yoga classes get (including my own sometimes)
  • The sense that each teacher has really spent a lot of time and effort learning this system. I believe the longer training period to become a certified Iyengar teacher really shows

Why I HATE Iyengar Yoga

  •  The constant feeling that there is a perfect way to be/do/look in each pose, despite the variety of different body structure/bone structure in the class
  • The whole rigid and straight elbow and knee cues. It just feels wrong in my body
  • The focus on the end result rather than the enjoyment of the journey
  • The “jump” into postures. It doesn’t feel like a natural flow of the body but more like some stage trick or turn or the century calisthenics move