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I am taking this opportunity to plug two amazing local yoga teachers, Eila & Liila from Yoga Together. They teach Akhanda Yoga which is a well rounded practice that I enjoy immensely. I practiced with Eila and Liila for about a year before I became pregnant with my second child. During my pregnancy I attended regular prenatal classes with Eila. (she was also my doula and an absolute rock for me during the birth of my daughter).

They don’t teach a lot of classes these days but if your schedule permits and you live in Victoria I highly recommend giving their Akhanda Yoga classes a try. It is a holistic practice which includes asana, pranayama, mantra, meditation and even some subtly woven in pieces of yoga philosophy. All of this is taught in a way that is calming and natural. It is a lovely way to dive a little deeper beyond the purely “physical” part of a yoga practice.