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A huge part of my interest in yoga is teaching populations who might not get access to yoga normally. This includes people suffering from mental health issues, street people, people with PTSD, people dealing with poverty or abuse in their lives, and/or people working through illness. Despite my passion in this area actually finding the path towards teaching this population has been harder than I expected.

After doing a bit of research I ended up contacting what I heard was a great organization (AVI). An opportunity to teach yoga once a week through their wellness program was suggested. WONDERFUL. I met the facilitator and the group and things seemed to be moving forward.The people interested in taking the class were bright and funny and the woman organizing everything was incredible.Then we started looking for a place to actually do the class and things seemed to fall flat. I mentioned it to a couple friends who teach yoga around Victoria and they were an AMAZING amount of help. They immediately got on the horn and started contacting people on my behalf and even offered some donations of equipment for future classes. After weeks of struggle things have started to click into place. Yay to great organizations doing great things.. and to Jaime and Michael Taylor from Yoga in Mind for being not only incredible yoga teachers but also wonderful people with BIG hearts.