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My husband drives me crazy. He is a yoga teacher.. sort of.. he doesn’t teach often but did  do a very in depth yoga teacher training in the Netherlands before immigrating to Canada. His schooling was four years long which his teacher considered the “bare minimum” for anyone wishing to teach yoga. His primary teacher was Rob Obermeyer… Rob’s  yoga lineage was mostly with Harish Johari. My husband has strong beliefs about yoga and what it’s purpose is… and his beliefs are, how shall I say this.. not very marketable. But his heart is good and I agree with a lot of what he says despite our non stop arguing about yoga. Every time I talk about how yoga is great for depression, or anxiety, or stress, or.. WHATEVER.. he responds with something annoying like “That may be the case but that is not the goal of yoga. Yoga is not about doing or getting anything“.. In his mind yoga is not about healing, getting something, doing something.. It is non doing, non getting… It is about undoing and even letting go of the idea that there is an individual that needs to be doing or healing.

Hubby is also very inspired by Tony Parsons and the concepts of Advaita or non dualism. Do you know how hard it is to be a relationship, which is inherently a dualism situation, with a non dualist?  Have I mentioned that my hubby drives me crazy?

Still despite my bickering and arguing with him about all of this, I notice that in subtle ways his teaching style creeps into mine. We talk so much about it I suppose that is a natural conclusion. I like working with opposites. Yin and Yang, left and right brain, full and empty, male and female.. I like dualism… but I have noticed lately that when I am at the end of what feels like a really good class to me, I slip into non dual teaching. I drop the “you and I”. I start talking about “the head” and “the belly” which is a distinct way of speaking in the lineage of yoga my husband was taught. Concepts of opposites drop away.. The damn Advaita sneaks in there and it feels lovely and natural. Maybe they know what they are talking about after all.