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The days are getting busier for me. More teaching opportunities are coming up for yoga and I still work at my other job too (design, marketing stuff). With this finding time for my own yoga practice is becoming more difficult. I was warned about this by other yoga teacher’s. They mentioned how easy it is to get burned out if you don’t take time for your own practice. So I am making sure to book in time to keep exploring my own yoga.. and I am thinking of maybe taking a few longer workshop style classes in the next few months to keeps some new ideas and perspectives coming in.

I have also decided not to take any more yoga gigs for a few weeks so I can see how this  current load feels. I am on average teaching about seven classes a week if I include the classes I am subbing too. I want to stay with what I have for the moment taking to time adjust to this new schedule. My brain feels a little overfull from planning classes and I worry this is making my teaching a little unfocused.

Did you know that many yoga teachers, who sit in front of  a class saying how wonderful yoga is.. have often struggled with yoga causing them more stress and burnout in their lives? Isn’t that sort of of weird? I suppose most people in life go through this and perhaps yoga teachers are just hyper aware of the sensation. I just thought it was interesting because I have rarely gotten that feeling from any teachers at yoga classes I have attended and I have attended a lot of them .