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Yesterday was a looooong and busy day. Actually this week has been very busy. My own yoga sessions have been short due to my best friend in the universe visiting from out of town and staying with me. I also had a “new to me” class yesterday teaching Chair Yoga at an assisted living complex. I was nervous going into the class (I always am with new classes) but I think it went really well. The women were so much fun. At the end of the class they all clapped. Really! It was so funny and weird. I think this must have been an age thing? I have certainly never had anyone under 50 years old clap at my classes before.

I also taught my first 7:45pm to 9:00pm Restorative Yoga class at Hemma Yoga. I have taught a few earlier Saturday Restorative sessions there but this was the latest class I have taught yet. I am a morning person and was a little concerned about how teaching at that time would feel.I did feel quite tired heading into the class and was grateful it was a slow and gentle class. I also had to break it to the students that their AMAZING WONDERFUL teacher Jennifer Piercy (who is one of MY TEACHERS) was no longer teaching the class. They seemed to take it well and remained open minded and positive. I know whenever I have been a regular in a class and the teacher I like moves onto to other things the transition is a little weird.

However, once again the students were really lovely and had such positive energy. I left the studio feeling energized rather than drained. I am feeling very much like my decision to teach yoga was the right choice for me. I love sharing what yoga has given me in my life and constantly feel gratitude for the students in the room who are willing to share their experiences and practice with me. I feel very blessed.