I had an opportunity come up to sub a yoga class at a fitness center. It was a level one yoga class so I figured I could manage even if some uber fit athletes showed up. Besides…I am focusing  right now on building my teaching hours and experience so I am quite willing to teach some new classes so I can see how it feels teaching in different environments. I was really curious to see what it would be like teaching in a gym type setting.

First thoughts? Well…people seemed unhappy there. And I don’t mean people in the yoga class. I mean people in the fitness center. Not all of them. Some people seemed genuinely happy. But there seemed to be quite a few people who had this energy of “I am doing my chores” rather than “Wow, what fun it is to be exercising!” It really struck me. Maybe it was the time of day I was there. The sun was shining and the day was glorious. Perhaps people just wanted to be outside but felt they “had to exercise first“. I don’t know.

I went up to the room I was going to teach in and it was COLD… Of course.. I had forgotten. People build up a sweat when they exercise so these places are kept cold. There was also stationary bikes and all kind of assorted non yoga fitness equipment in the room. And mirrors.. BIG mirrors all the way around the room. It was all kind of funny and totally different than anywhere else I have ever taught.

I actually like working out. I like gyms but when I am in there for myself I guess I just don’t notice the people or mirrors around me as much. When I went in as a teacher it was different. I set myself up in the room, did a quick practice run of the routine I had planned and then waited. No one showed up. I suppose the sunny day won out after all. Oh well. I guess I will have to wait to see what it is like to teach in a gym. When it does happen I really hope the students HAVE FUN.. rather than just show up because they need the exercise.