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Lately I have had several opportunities to sub other teachers’s classes. I thought teaching yoga would quiet down a lot for me as it got warmer but so many teachers are going away I have found the opposite. I am busy. Class sizes are small though so it has been a really nice way to feel what it is like to teach more classes in a week without getting too overwhelmed. I am enjoying myself immensely. It is a bit like going to a buffet and trying all different kinds of food. I certainly have places I am more comfortable teaching and styles of yoga that feel more natural to me. It has been a ton of  fun having the opportunity to try different things out though. I can feel my own teaching style settling into place. My nervousness is subsiding. My confidence as a teacher is improving. My next step is to find a regular class that I can take myself to once a week. I can feel I am tired of bouncing around from teacher to teacher. I think I will find a more active class for myself. My own personal practice has gotten pretty quiet and calm (which I love) but I would like to balance that out with a totally different energy.