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A few years ago I went to Mexico.. I stayed in a ramshackle little place with hard beds and a cave-like ambiance. The first morning when I awoke I was amazed at the sound of the birds, the lush green plants, the bright colours. Everything was beautiful.

I have felt a bit ill this week (mastitis) and a little sorry for myself. My body has been sore and flu like. The long term stability of my day job has suddenly become unsure. I handle my stress better now but that doesn’t mean I don’t feel it sometimes. Instead of pushing through some asanas my yoga practice today was reading an autobiography about someone else doing yoga. It was exactly what I needed. A break. Some time in my yard, reading, listening to the birds sing. It was during this time I realized how infrequently I actually notice the birds singing around here. The thing is.. they are always singing.. just like they were when I was on holiday in Mexico and everything seemed so beautiful. With new eyes I looked at my life, my yard, my huge tree.. and realized that this place is lush and amazing too. I just get so wrapped up in other things I don’t notice most days. During this small revelation a fly landed on my book.. I swear the thing turned and took a good look at me, staring into my eyes. Suddenly it was beautiful too.. and then a gangster rap loud car drove by.. and the driver seemed beautiful to me, and then the bus and it’s driver, and the moth, and the calendula and EVERYTHING suddenly took on this light of loveliness. For a few moments the world opened up and showed it’s glory to me.

Funny how this incredible life is always happening… yet we somehow just seem to spend most our days not even noticing.