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Today is my birthday. I really wanted to go a Mindful Yoga workshop that was being hosted by Carly Sled for my birthday but it got cancelled. Oh well.There was another workshop being offered at Barefoot at Heart that seemed quite interesting on Vedanta. My husband was also quite keen on going so I thought we could go as a family, taking turns chasing the two year old. It isn’t often my husband and I get to “explore” spiritual workshops together. The baby had other plans. Crabby insane plans followed by “I am going to sleep at the most inconvenient time” plans..  We are stuck at home. We don’t know what we are doing today. I have to teach at 4:30..

What I think is funny is that I feel a bit bummed about not being able to make it to a workshop that essentially is about the fact that we are not individuals anyway. My individual self is feeling like my family is keeping me from doing something “I” want to do to explore the concept that “I” don’t really exist. Oh the irony. Really the best spiritual lesson here is happening in my own house..  Nothing like kids to show us that the individuals self is ultimately an illusion. As much as “I” would like it be, “I” am not the center of the universe.. not even on my birthday.