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Wow.. Am I ever behind on these blog posts. Really I have just been studying and doing yoga rather than writing about it. Plus the hubby was out of town for a few days which meant my baby free time was limited. But mostly I have been reading and experimenting with the things I am learning about from books. Instead of getting into a LONG post about everything I am learning I will just share my reading list with you.

I LOVE all these books for different reasons but I think the most enjoyable to me so far has been Stephen Cope’s book because it is written as an autobiographical view of his entry into a life filled with yoga. Actually in all of these books my favorite parts are where the author’s talk about their own journey and experiences and how yoga manifested into their lives. I guess the personalities and stories somehow make the information being shared easier to relate to. I am by no way through any of these books but I am utterly excited about reading all of them. Reviews to follow later.