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For some strange reason I kept writing blog posts on here about things I can’t stand in the yoga industry. I didn’t actually publish any of them… instead I had a whole bunch of drafts sitting there where I whined about my annoyances with the commercialization of yoga, yoga lifestyle marketing, yoga gimmick products for everything under the sun, yoga-ballet-kung-fu-swimming-fusion classes…

I needed a break. I needed a break from thinking about yoga. I needed some time to actually do yoga, feel it in my body without any analyzing it, blogging about it or researching it. From all those past drafts I am only going to publish and make fun of one product. Because, you know, I do need to have some giggles on here. It is totally ridiculous and surely the people who developed this will have a good enough sense of humor to take a bit of teasing. Brought to you by “BEACHBODY” as seen on TV!!! YOGA BOOTY BALLET. I don’t know whether to cry, cringe or laugh.