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One of the coolest things about teaching yoga is the amount of research I get to do on a subject matter that is so practical to life. For many years I worked in the tech industry, learning and researching new software. There was never an end in sight to the onslaught of new technology and need for my skills to be continually updated. The coding I learnt in tech school is totally redundant now. I always had to relearn on the fly. Many 20 year old kids have current knowledge that matches mine despite me having almost 15 years experience in the industry. The pace of tech work is insane.Yoga however moves slower. What worked 20 years ago still works today.. hell what worked 2000 years ago still works today. Instead of feeling like I have to constantly to keep up I feel like I am building a huge store of relevant knowledge to living a full and healthy life.

Yoga tells us.. to relax.. to be still.. to breathe. Science tells us how these skills regulate immune function, increase mental clarity, minimize the chance of us getting many diseases, lowers blood pressure, makes us have a greater sense of well being. Yoga doesn’t cure everything but it does ensure that if we get diseases our emotional and mental state are more equipped to deal with the situation. I feel like I am finally building knowledge that truly matters. And the best part… this knowledge won’t expire, become depreciated, or fail to meet current standards.