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So I had a baby and now I have a baby tummy. As much as I would like to think I am above such vain concerns as tummy blubber I am a little self conscious about it. I don’t get as much exercise these days as I would like despite being a yoga teacher. The yoga I teach isn’t exactly a work out.. and the spare time I have to get to more active yoga classes are limited.

I have been reading some stories online about how yoga actually isn’t that great for losing weight. It just doesn’t burn enough calories to be effective as a weight loss tool. If you want to lose weight fast running is a better bet. Apparently even walking burns more calories than yoga. But despite not being able to get out for a run (knee injury is still healing)  I am slowly losing weight. The yoga is helping with weight loss even though the calories being burnt are low. What yoga is doing for me instead is bringing a sense of calmness, body awareness and a reduction in cravings for unhealthy foods and sweets. My yoga practice is giving me a greater sense of body awareness. I reach for things less habitually. I listen to the signals from my body in a more refined way. Yoga isn’t making me lose weight fast.. but it is bringing a healthier approach to eating and lifestyle choices into my life. It is reducing my cortisol levels, strengthening my immune system and in general making me feel a lot better than I did after my first baby despite being twelve years older this time around. I think I will stick with the yoga and embrace my softness.