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I am going away in a few days to visit my family in Holland.. and I am preparing myself for the jet lag. Of course I looked online for some “miracle yoga sequence” that cures jet lag. I didn’t find any. There are LOTS of websites saying this posture or that posture helps.. but as far as I can tell there isn’t really any consistency in the postures.

So here is my yogic cure for jet lag:

  • Don’t eat…or only eat small amounts of very light foods (soup, salad) while in transit
  • Drink lots.. water, not booze silly!
  • Chase a two year old all over the airport to keep your circulation active
  • Chase a two year old all over the plane to keep your circulation active
  • Once you are off the plane find ten or fifteen minutes to do some yoga.. whatever yoga you can do with the energy you have left (hint, probably legs up the wall and some forward folds will be the most active thing you have energy for)
  • Hold off sleeping until its night time where you are
  • Once day two sets in return to a regular yoga practice in the morning
  • Go outside and play