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Well I am back from holiday.. and my plan to beat jet lag actually worked pretty well. Little food, mellow yoga once I arrived on the other end. My plan to get to a whole bunch of yoga classes on my holiday failed miserably though. I did attend a few classes at Yoga Maya & Bikram’s in Rotterdam but I went to way less yoga sessions than I had planned. Mostly I ate and wandered around Holland and then ate and ate more. I think I must have gained ten pounds while I was away. Time to take some power yoga classes in the Victoria area so I can sweat some of this pudge away.

Returning to teaching has felt pretty natural. I’ve felt a little lost sometimes with my words but not nearly as nervous as when I first starting teaching yoga. I have a few new classes starting up next week and a few that I am letting go of. It seems autumn is a time of reevaluation and transition so I am just rolling with it. Upon my return I have really noticed how stressful it feels to promote my classes all the time. I have been a little obsessed with getting “more and more classes” since I graduated from my teacher training. I think it is time to step back from this urgent sense of building now and instead see what classes are working for me and my life. In general I enjoy all of the classes I teach but sometimes I actually end up paying to teach yoga (by the time I factor in babysitting, gas, etc). I need to let go of these classes. I have enough going on now and I am not desperate anymore to gain teaching experience.  I need to be honest with myself about how much emotional energy I have to give and ensure that I have enough time to keep my own yoga practice healthy. I would rather teach three or four excellent classes a week than seven or eight half ass classes. So I am stepping back, slowing down and reevaluating my next steps as a professional yoga teacher.

Credit goes to Gosia Janik  for the amazing yoga photo.