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As I mentioned in my last post I am reading the book “The Science of Yoga: The Risks and the Rewards” which talks a lot about the benefits of yoga but also the risks and realities of the practice. In my own life yoga has been an amazing tool that has helped me with depression, anxiety, panic attacks and my overall health.  However it hasn’t made every day a good day, nor has it stopped me from swearing when I lose my wallet. It hasn’t really done much about my tendency to whine about thing endlessly and I still lie sometimes despite all my yoga practices and my continual studying yogic ethics (which say I shouldn’t lie).  Yoga hasn’t cured my allergies either.  I still make mistakes. I still get colds. I still get grumpy.

I think sometimes people are looking for yoga to perform miracles.  When I first started practicing yoga I felt for a brief period that I had found the answer to everything. I was passionate about my practice and had the time to focus on the lessons yoga had in store for me. It was a beautiful time.. introducing me to a practice that was deep and life changing. But life throws its twists and turns and despite everything yoga has taught me it hasn’t given me all the answers. It has helped me manage rough times a little better and has provided more ease and comfort in my body but there have been no miracles. Yoga is a great compliment to life… but life still happens and sometimes you get sick no matter how much yoga you do.

There is a quote at the front of Paul Grilley’s Yin Yoga book that says “Religiously practicing a set of postures at the appropriate time could save your life and that same routine, if carried beyond the appropriate time could do you great harm“. Yoga is a both a fad and an ancient tradition… I believe it should be approached common sense rather than blind faith.