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I read a lot about yoga. Because of the style of yoga I teach a lot of my research ends up being related to chronic pain and stress and how yoga affects these states of being/feeling. It is fascinating and with the explosion of research recently regarding the brain and it’s capacity to change (neuroplasticity) I am finding that old traditions fit incredibly well as a model to restructure our thinking/feeling in a beneficial way.

One of the things about yoga though (especially the more calming types) is it’s ability to let the practitioner have their own personal experience so that the learning comes from within. For this reason I try to keep my talking to a minimum in class allowing for long periods of quiet. But I am SO EXCITED to talk about why this period of quietude is so important for the average modern human being. It just isn’t subject matter I can fully cover in a regular class though so I have decided to design a workshop instead. I think I will break the information shared into three parts.

  1. One hour of theory and learning about our brain, stress and simple yoga techniques to reduce stress and increase overall feelings of calm in our lives
  2. 90 minutes of Restorative Yoga pulling in the simple yoga techniques in a practical way with some gentle movements in between postures
  3. 30 Minutes of Yoga Nidra, once again  utilizing the learned techniques in a practical way, but this time with the body being completely still.

My issue is.. I can’t come up with a name for the workshop… Any ideas internet friends out there? Essentially what I want to say is “Struggling with Stress? Learn about your physiological response to anxiety, stress, chronic pain, and how simple yogic techniques can rewire our bodies and minds to feel calmer, happier and more focused in our lives‘ That is WAY TO LONG of a name for this though… If any of you local people come up with a good catchy name I will offer a spot in the class for FREE.