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 I taught a class yesterday that I wasn’t happy with. It surprised me because it was a good sized class with several people who I know who have taken classes from me in the past. I felt good going into the class and then it just f i z z l e d… My words were clumsy.  I couldn’t find a cohesive message. I never know whether it is just me that feels it or if the people in the class really notice too. I just couldn’t find the right words. I even told the class to feel “wet”. Ummmm what????? Dear tongue.. you are embarrassing sometimes. What I meant to say was something like “feel the liquid nature of your body”.. instead it came out more like “feel like you have peed your pants”. I am so sorry Saturday yogis. I am blaming the clumsy tongue it on the full moon. Please forgive me.

Ya.. so hopefully I didn’t scare them all away.