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One of the key things that I believe make a yoga studio a success or not is it’s ability to create a sense of community. I believe that the community of a studio is very important. It has always played a huge part in my own choice of where to practice yoga. Finding that sense of community as a yoga teacher though can be challenging sometimes because you end up running all over town teaching in several spaces. Mostly yoga teachers are contractors not staff. It does change the dynamic a little bit.

With this in mind I have been making a real effort to go to some yoga classes at the spaces I teach at so that I can remember what it is like to be a student in each space. (thank you patient kind hard working and wonderful husband for watching our toddler while I do this).

This weekend part of that process involved me attending an Ashtanga class at a studio where I teach Yin Yoga. It was interesting being back in an Ashtanga space doing the primary series after so many years of doing different yoga. I really do like Ashtanga and it was one of the first styles of yoga I did that really hooked me. I can’t do all the vinyasas any more though. It just doesn’t agree with my wrists… but I love the sequence and postures. It was good to back doing this particular set of familiar shapes with my body… I noticed my breath is way smoother now than when I was a regular practitioner of Ashtanga but I am still not able to do all the postures… which is okay. I have realized at this point in my practice that postures is only a tiny bit of what yoga is really about.