Upon recommendation I bought two books about yoga that talk about the effects of yoga on depression and chronic pain. The first was Yoga for Depression” by Amy Weintraub. The second was Yoga for Pain Relief” by Kelly McGonigal. They are both great books packed with wonderful information.

But… I have a small issue with these books…

Not with the actual writing in the books, the content is great.. My issue is with the covers. Both books are this shade of blue that I suppose is meant to be soothing. Then highlighted on the front are two figures that would not be anything I would want to see in a bout of depression. One of the covers has the author on it but she is pretty, skinny, has shiny perfect teeth and very expensive looking hair. The other has a calm (dare I say blissed out?) woman with professional hair, makeup and crisp white clothes. Her body is perfect. Her skin is perfect. Is it just me? Whenever I am in a depressed state I don’t want to read a book about how to feel better with barbie on the front? Hell, even when I am having a bout of PMS you can keep the shiny models away from me please…

It reminds me of my last break up. I was devastated and it was nearing Valentines Day. Every love song, every sappy card, every ad for couples was like an assault on my senses. I did not want to hear, see or speak about love. When I’m depressed I want to close in on my self. I feel sluggish. I feel fat. I feel greasy. Keep the white sparkly people away from me please.

I am not saying books about pain or depression should have horrible images of despair on them. I understand the need for some positive imagery. But my marketing side tells me they may have gotten the package wrong on these. Anyone of you women out there ever suffer from depression? Would you pick these books up? I know I know… you can’t judge a book by it’s cover.