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A studio I work for is having an open house this weekend.  I’ve also been invited to teach a class at a local sports & yoga apparel store as part of a fundraiser/marathon this Sunday. On top of my regular classes, a sick toddler and a teen needing help getting ready for a Zombie walk.. it is looking like I am in for a very full weekend. I decided to take easy today.

Really the only yoga I did was with my feet. Sometimes in class I get people to walk around the room, really paying attention to where the weight goes as they step. As I moved about today I did this.. spreading my toes, feeling the weight of the bottom half of my body. Landing on the heel, rolling the foot as I walked. Then I rubbed my feet and massaged them with a ball. Ahhh I feel very grounded now.

Yoga has changed my feet. Seriously. It is noticeable. They are wider and my toes are more spread out. I feel almost a bouncing back up now if I walk barefoot where I used to feel a rigid heaviness. I can’t wear heels anymore at all. Really. I just can’t do it. It is like muzzling my poor little toes into submission. They want to be free.

I feel rooted, grounded and connected now with my feet. I suppose my feet look a little funnier now… but it is well worth it in trade for the stability and lightness I now feel in my body.