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I taught a 45 minute class yesterday as part of a “yoga taste tester” we were offering at a studio open house. I went three minutes over. It was incredibly challenging to teach a gentle yoga class in 45 minutes and feel that I gave any deep sense of relaxation.

When I was doing my teacher training instructing an hour long class seemed like an eternity. But now.. I want 90  minutes for every class. Obviously this isn’t possible for many people. An hour fits nicely in most people’s lives but for the styles I teach it always feels rushed. It depends on the day but for a large percentage of people it takes a while to unwind. I always talk more in the first 45 minutes of class because I have noticed that long periods of silence right off the bat seem to result in a lot of fidgeting in the room. When I talk more at the beginning it seems people find it easier to be still. How weird is that? But really… I believe it is when I shut up that their practice fully begins. Quiet yoga is internal yoga. Complete and total awareness resting in your own body… not listening to someone else talk.  It seems to take a while for the average person (including me) to get to that place.

I wonder if the time it takes to drop down would be less if I was teaching yoga in a sleepy little town in the boonies?