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Last night I went to a open house/celebration for a new yoga studio (opened by the ladies I did my teacher training with). The food was great and the new space wonderful but mostly I was really impressed by the amount of teacher training grads that were there… Really. The room was packed with them.

In some ways I suppose this is my “competition” so being happy with such a glorious amount of yoga teachers may not be a good thing. But the reality is most of them have found some sort of work teaching yoga to a huge variety of people. There seems to be a place for all of us to be teaching if there is motivation to do so.  It was pretty cool to look around a room packed with yoga teachers and then think about all the yoga being offered in this town of ours. How amazing to think of the thousands and thousands of people who make yoga a part of their life in the Victoria, B.C. area.  I feel pretty blessed to live in an area of the world where yoga, health, wellness and alternative healing are so accessible and accepted by the masses.