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So I started this blog in July 2011 with the intent of doing yoga everyday and writing about. It is now October 2012. As you might have noticed that math doesn’t really add up. Part of this is because I have been doing yoga but haven’t found time to write about it. Part of it is because I done yoga and had nothing to say about it. But part of it is because I haven’t done yoga everyday. I tried. In the end though I realized I just didn’t want to do yoga every day nor do I think it would have been healthy to do so.

I do it most days.. at least a little bit. But I would say on average, about twice a month I just don’t even want to think about yoga. Which is interesting because in the Ashtanga tradition there are two moon days a month in which rest is encouraged. Also interesting is that those days are often when I don’t want to practice.

Yoga is about balance and sometimes maintaining balance means not doing anything. As I learn more about more about quieter styles of yoga I realize that bailing, not doing, giving up.. all of these things are thought to be negative in our society. But sometimes giving up is the best thing in the world. My last relationship is a great example.  Sometimes hiding in your bed, reading a book and eating a package of marshmallows instead of doing yoga IS THE RIGHT THING TO DO. It all comes down to balance. No I cannot live off of marshmallows… Yes I have to go to work when I don’t feel like it sometimes. I like doing a LOT OF YOGA but I am not a renunciate. I don’t live in a cave. My life is full and honestly most things in my life are good and nothing I would want to give up. Yoga fits in nicely most of my days but not all.