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Things have been really busy. The toddler has been sick for ever and has cut out her nap which was my time to “catch up on things”. The teen, well…he is a good kid but he certainly throws me some curve balls that make life challenging. Unexpected emergencies keep coming up. I am behind answering my emails and phone calls. In the past I would be totally stressed at this point but thanks to yoga I am managing to keep myself fairly sane. I have learned so much about our bodies and how they respond to stress. This knowledge helps me cope.  We don’t always have control over what happens to us but we do have an incredible ability to control how we respond.

Here are a few stress survival techniques that yoga has taught me.

  1. Breathe. It is amazing how often we forget to breathe. Notice your breath.
  2. Sigh.. or in yogic terms do some “cleansing breaths”.
  3. Relax the shoulders, soften the face, particularly the jaw.
  4. Feel your feet… the connection of your feet on the earth. Spread toes.
  5. Massage the bottom of your feet with a ball.
  6. Scan the body mentally, head to toe, softening each area as you go.
  7. Smile, it changes how we feel.
  8. Spread arms out wide and make yourself bigger, taking some deep breaths.
  9. Come into the present moment. Notice what is around you. Feel your body, notice the smells, tastes and colours in your surroundings.
  10. Lie on a bolster in heart bed posture.