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I have been warned by many yoga teachers to beware of the yoga burn out. It seemed to have happened to me these past few weeks.  I mean how often can I talk about something so much, do it so often.. before boredom sets in. Burn out ensues. This also happened to me with graphic design, fire dancing, beading and jewelry designing. Something I loved became something I did for work.. and then it felt like work.

I have to admit I got a little sick of yoga the past few weeks and haven’t been doing much of it at all in regards to my own practice. I just haven’t been able to find the inspiration either in my own practice or in planning my classes. In desperation I went back to teaching some classes I taught before. It felt like a bit of a cop out  but it is what I needed to do. I suppose part of this just comes from the fact that my life has had a lot of extra stress these past weeks (not yoga related). Everything just went a little blah…

Part of this issue I keep returning to is that I don’t have any time to do yoga. My daughter has stopped napping so it feels like there is no spare time in the day now where I am not working. She goes to bed late and if I try to do yoga when she is awake she just climbs all over me which is totally distracting.

Last night I decided to return to my old yoga schedule… The “yoga in the bedroom while the toddler falls asleep” schedule. Once she was completely asleep I meditated. All together I did around 35 minutes of Yin Yoga and 10 minutes meditation. Then this morning before the coffee was even made I did about 15 minutes of Hatha yoga. It wasn’t much… but you know what? I feel SO MUCH calmer and more balanced now. You really do have to  DO YOGA to get the benefits.. not just talk, think or read about it. So here I am back to square one, just as I was when I started this blog, getting myself back into a routine of yoga. Even a little bit of yoga each day makes world of difference and is worth carving time out for.