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Me and the family are going to look at a place in the woods this weekend. The owner says there is a perfect spot in the house for a yoga studio. How exciting is that!! Of course actually getting people to the woods for a class might be a little challenging… but if we take the place I would certainly be willing to host at least a class a week and maybe some workshops/retreats.

A move would involve some huge reshuffling of our priorities. It would also mean giving up some of my classes in town or at least trying to move them all to be on the same days. Really I cannot commute that far five days a week to teach for an hour or two. I would barely even cover the cost of my gas for some of my classes.  It would only work if I shuffled my schedule around so that I taught to or three classes in a row. So Wednesday 5:30 pm yoga spot in Victoria I am looking for you!

But yoga in the woods? Waking up to trees, deer, birds and a view of the lake? Yes please. I think it would be worth it. I really hope it all works out.